Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ask the Dust

Bukowski liked John Fante. I like Bukowski. Hopefully, that means that I will like John Fante too. I am starting the book today, so I'm going to find out!


  1. My husband is in love with both Hank & this book... So I hope you love it too!

  2. I am about half way done and I love it!!! I love his writing style, his sense of humor, and his descriptions. What book of his do you recommend I read next?

  3. This was his favorite, but his second fave was "Ask the Spring, Bandini"

    They have both been on my list forever... I may get to them once I finish reading my current stack of books which includes books like "how to get your toddler to sleep" and "discipline with love & logic" ;)